For as long as I can remember I have loved handbags.  As a child, female visitors to our home would find me going through their handbags.  They fascinated me.  The women in my life had two staple handbag colours – black and navy.  I often wondered if colour existed outside of these two.  Unlike now, where bags go from holding change of clothes for kids, to carrying iPads and almost everything inbetween, my mother’s circle of friends would never see handbags as a fashion statement, they had a job to perform – to carry purse, make up and keys plus tissues.

But I knew a different world existed.  In my teenage years discovering fashion magazines, I began to read about the wonderful work of Louis Vuitton, Paloma Picasso, Gucci.  I recognised their emblems and I coveted them.  I understood how Louis Vuitton was the luggage range of the wealthy and I admired what I saw.

How could I get my hands on such beauty?

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