Hermes Kelly Bag vs Birkin Bag

Do you know the difference between the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag?

The Kelly bag named after Grace Kelly when she used her sac à dépêches (as it was previously called) to hide her pregnancy in 1956 and made Hermes an international name.  The bag is ladylike, prim and proper.  Very grown up.

grace kelly

The Birkin bag named after Jane Birkin.  The story is that Jane was on a flight with Hermes CEO.  She had a straw bag and when she put the bag in the overhead locker, all the contents fell out.  She explained how she found it difficult to find a bag to fit all she wanted to carry and yet not have to scramble when the contents spilled out.  He came up a new design and named it the Birkin.

Now can you see the difference between the two bags.



In Glamour magazine, it seems that the Birkin is growing in popularity but in its smaller size.  Here it is:


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